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From the Chief:

The Dublin Fire Department was founded in the 1800’s. The first fire station was built in 1903. Several fire stations have served the fire department since that time. Most recently, the current station was dedicated as Station 17, to honor the memory of our long-time Chief and good friend, James Fritts. James served the Dublin Fire Department for over 40 years.

Dublin Fire Department currently averages about 24 volunteer members. Our members operate with a great deal of pride in this organization. They respond to all types of emergencies, primarily over a ten square mile area, but also provide mutual aid to any surrounding departments requesting such help. In addition to emergency calls, our members take care of the maintenance of our equipment and station to ensure we are always ready to respond.


As the Fire Chief, I cannot say enough to express the level of commitment and pride that our members exhibit. Day or night, the call is answered, sometimes for long hours, followed by more time to return all of the equipment to a ready state.


Equipment includes two 1,250-gallons-per-minute engines that respond to structure fires and auto accidents, four booster trucks that respond to grass fires and as  secondary units to other calls, a 2,500 gallon tanker, and a Chief’s pick-up that carries equipment in covered area. Rescue tools (Jaws of Life) are carried on both engines and the Chief’s truck. 

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Assistant Chief:



Paul Warner
Steve Crews
Brent Black
John Johnson 

Since we are all volunteers, any inquiries should be made to Dublin City Hall, (254) 445-3331, who will then contact the appropriate person. You can also send an email to We meet on the first and third Mondays of each month.

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Want to become a volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a  volunteer, you must fill out an application, be sponsored by two other active members, and be subjected to a thorough background check. Applicants are then put to a vote by the members. If accepted, you are put on a six-month probation period in order to determine if you possess the capacity to deal with the stresses of the job. Once accepted, a member cannot miss more than four consecutive departmental meetings. These measures help ensure the highest quality of public service possible. Contact us to apply.

Our fleet
Always in our hearts: Chief James Fritts & Captain Mickey Bellew 
A day on the job
Teaching youngsters fire safety
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