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Dublin Clean 2018

The Dublin Clean event that was held on April 28th, 2018 from 8 am – 1 pm was amazing. Words cannot expression what was done by volunteers and citizens of Dublin. The service that the volunteers did for this community is unheard of. The selfless acts I saw as truck and trailer load, after load, after load, after load and the smiles while helping a member of their community was one of the greatest sights I have ever seen. Let it be known that all the volunteers that helped that day went above and beyond what they were asked to do. Over 100 addresses had trash, debris, tires, and appliances removed from their property thanks to these wonderful people. Everyone of them deserve a praise and a Big THANK YOU from everyone they see, all of them from the ones picking up the items, tree branches, directing traffic on Harris St., to watching the gates, and preparing for the lunch that was served afterwards as a small token of appreciation for what they accomplished that day.

I cannot list all the volunteers (I will miss someone and I do not want to do that) but there are a few that I want to give credit to first to Public Works, these guys put in a lot of time and effort to make sure the grounds were ready; Dublin ISD Athletic Department picked up so many loads and stacked tires in the trailer; Dublin Cheerleaders - your help was tremendous and y’all were awesome at the gates; Dublin Drill Team - thank you for going around and picking up all that trash; Rotary Club - for your trucks and trailers and preparing lunch; Commodity Recycling Solutions, LLC for picking up electronics; Sponsored by Leon Bosque RC&D, Inc, and performed with funds from a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality enforcement action. I would also like to think some individuals - Rev. Ronnie Horton, Rev. Ken Lunsford , Rhonda Williams, Coach Shawn Bradford, Juanita Torres, Kristi Rodriguez - to these I want to personally say Thank You for all your help.

The Day was magical as the sun rose and the event kicked off at the City Park with volunteers getting up early on their day off, to prepare for the cleanup. Shirts were given out and groups assembled at the break of dawn. With energy and excitement, they started the day to help their fellow neighbors clean up on that beautiful spring day. Mean while at the Public Works yard, the guys were putting up road blocks, dividing lanes and starting machines in preparation for the glorious day. But early signs showed that these groups were not the only ones up early, since the gates were opened early due to the number of vehicles already in line. From the moment it opened until closing there was non-stop traffic of loaded trucks and trailers.

As 11 roll-off dumpsters were set for the cleanup with brush, metal, tires, and appliances all in different areas, you can only imagine the coordination that public works had on their hands trying to get everyone in and out as fast as possible. Dublin Cheerleaders took post at the gates to help direct traffic as best they could. Dublin Athletic Department had a group of young men to help load the tires into a semi trailer. 13 trucks and trailers set off to tackle the over 100 addresses on the list. What a day we were in store for. As the day went on, the energy and excitement never waned, but, oh it was getting warmer and the day was getting longer but that didn’t faze the volunteers, no sir, they were on a mission and determination was on their face.

Group after group came in and said that they had finished their list but they did not stop; they wanted to go out and pick up as much as they could that was waiting on the curb to help clean up their city. Dumpsters were beginning to fill quickly; tires were piling up faster than we could load them; appliances were dropped off above expectation; the metal bin was overflowing; the brush pile kept getting higher by the hour and still they came. Around 12, as the volunteers were still doing everything they could and I saw as the energy and excitement was still in them but the bodies could not. They were sent to the City Park to receive their well deserved free lunch.

At 1 pm, when the gates were finally shut and the whole picture of what had just transpired finally set in and I was stunned to see over 11 dumpsters full to the brim with another pile started that could not fit in them. The two metal bins were over flowing with metal all around. Over 150 televisions were collected along with other appliances. The tire trailer was filled to capacity with around 600 collected. And a brush pile that is about 100 sq ft. The day was a total success that went above my expectations in a very good way.

If your things were not picked up please do not worry for we are still working on them. They will get picked up and you will NOT get in trouble by Code Enforcement.

Once again to EVERYONE that helped in any way and to all that took advantage of this clean up, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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