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City Secretary: Rhonda Williams

The City Secretary is one of the oldest public servant roles in local government.  The position existed in Biblical times as “Keeper of the Archives”. Before the history tool of writing, the historian was known as the “Remembrancer” because their memory served as the official public records. In present day, the City Secretary remains the “Keeper of the Archives” of all official documents and makes sure the history of our city’s government is preserved.

The City Secretary serves the Mayor, City Council, and works day to day with the City Manager, City Staff, and is the Department Head of the Water Clerk, Finance Clerk, Human Resource and Municipal Court.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assists as the Public Information Officer for the City.

  • Process public information requests in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act to provide citizens with a tool to access public records. 

  • Attends all City Council meetings, Special Meetings, Public Hearings, Workshops and Committee Meeting Sessions to record and transcribe the minutes of such proceedings to provide continuity of City government as the legal record of legislative action.

  • Attends various Board meetings for the purpose of input of city information from recording and transcribing the minutes.

  • Maintains responsibility for the Records Management Program for all City departments to include maintenance, storage, retention, destruction, and preservation.

  • Prepares reports, memoranda, correspondence, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, and other written materials as needed.

  • Prepares the agenda and compiles and organizes information and materials necessary for the City Council and other administrative meetings.

  • Prepares the annual budget for City Secretary, Administration, City Council and assists with all other departments

  • Signs all resolutions, ordinances, and other official documents as required by law.

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